M.Y.O. – Manage Your Own

June 2013 marks the date that Outsource Cebu launches the Manage Your Own Outsourcing Package! The first ever Outsourcing Package that allows you to have full control of your Outsourcing needs.

For as low as $650.00 USD a month, you can experience the advantage and unparalleled security of putting together and managing your own team without the hassle of HR issues. With convenience in mind, the MYO Outsourcing Package already covers the following:

  1. Fully-loaded workstation with webcam
  2. Use of the Automatic Dialer
  3. Dedicated high-speed internet and back-up
  4. Utilities and power expense
  5. Employee’s salary and benefits
  6. On-site Technical Support from real IT Professionals
  7. Onsite Medical Support with a Company Physician
  8. HR Management and Admin Support including:
    • Applicant screening and recruitment processing
    • Facilitation of employee’s contracts that are in full compliance with local labor laws
    • Attendance monitoring through biometrics attendance logs
    • Employee benefits management and payroll management
    • HR and Employee Relations Management (bear in mind, employees in the Philippines are not “at will employees”)

With all the freebies included in the MYO Outsourcing Package, one of the highly valued support that we offer is the HR Management. This allows you to focus and concentrate on running your team without having to worry about mundane but necessary day-to-day tasks like checking their attendance, computing and disbursing their payroll, enforcing policies, disciplining, etc.

Screen ShotsNow as for monitoring your team, with Outsource Cebu’s Look-Over-the-Shoulder Monitoring System, Webcam Monitoringit’s as if you’re here in the office with them. A webcam is strategically placed in the Call Center Agent’s workstation so you can see if he is there or not, or whether he’s working or sleeping. Apart from this, a program is installed in their computers that allow management to track if they are typing away on their keyboards or if they’re not doing anything. Last, we monitor as well their computer screens so whatever it is that they see, we can also see and review.

As the saying goes, “Seeing is believing!” Our system allows you to do just that! All for just $ 650.00 per workstation per month.

Get to know more about our MYO Package. Contact us or download our Free Brochure.